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20 May 2010 @ 02:01 am

Members Only!
All posts made to this community will be locked, so please join/watch to view the entries!

Some rules & regulations for being apart of and posting in this community:
    o n e. Make sure all posts here are locked.

    t w o. Only post stuff related to Lea Michele or Rachel Berry. If you have a Kurt fic you're dying to share, please post it at a Kurt community or a general Glee comm.

    t h r e e. Be respectful of the members and mods here. We are a bunch of people who can't stand all the fandom drama that comes with communities like this, and we will not let that fly here, at all. Don't be rude to somebody just because you don't ship the same guy with Rachel or because somebody didn't like Lea's hair or dress one day. We know that all communities have this rule, but it is rarely ever enforced - trust us, it will be more than enforced here. We are all about the positivity, and just want to share our appreciation and adoration for someone we love with like minded, sane people. This is not ontd_micheleberry so if you're looking for that, well, go somewhere else. If you're saying something negative about Lea, keep it constructive. Obviously she's not perfect and we're all entitled to complain sometimes, but this is an appreciation community. Oh, and don't be rude or disrespectful of other actors on the show! All that shit doesn't matter here, and we will not hesitate to delete comments and ban people if anything gets out of hand.

    f o u r. Please look at the tags list before tagging entries so you can be sure you're using the correct tag. This way we're completely organized and people can find something they're looking for much faster than if there are three separate tags for the same thing. And please make sure you tag entries before posting them! It's annoying to have to edit posts just to add tags in.

    f i v e. We do accept all things related to Lea and Rachel - this includes news, icons/graphics/gifs, fic, episode stills, interviews, fanvids, pictures, episode trailers, etc. However, please use your judgment before posting something that might disrespect the girl's privacy. Also, please don't post your own reviews of an episode and things like that - we do want to have regular members that we get to know and become a tight community, but leave stuff like that to your personal journal please!

    s i x. Anything that might be considered a spoiler must be put behind a cut! This is a VERY important rule. This includes any and all stills, episode trailers, sneak peek clips, future songs, interviews w/ spoilers, and anything else that could be construed as a spoiler. Please use your judgment. You might not care that a trailer is posted without a cut, but some people freak out and want to know nothing before an episode airs. This is understandable, so please be conscious of that. As for icons, graphics, and gif posts, don't use previews from an episode until at least three days after it airs.

    s e v e n. Don't steal anything, hotlink, and always provide credit and a verified source on any posts that would require one.

    e i g h t. Have fun! We all have one thing in common: we adore Lea Michele and Rachel Berry, and just want some place to squee.
If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions for the community, feel free to contact any of the mods listed on the profile page. We're all super friendly and nice! To affiliate, please see this post.
20 May 2010 @ 01:59 am

To affiliate with micheleberry leave a comment here and you will be added to the list! We only accept Lea, Rachel, and Glee related communities.

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